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UCLA Center for the Study of Urban Poverty
Several comprehensive studies on the day labor issue [More]

Day Labor Research Institute
General information as well as articles about day laborers [More]

National Conference of State Legislatures
Information about state laws regarding day laborers [More]

National Day Labor Organizing Network
Organizational group with information about day labor work and links to official day labor centers [More]

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
This group focuses on Latino employment and economic development through litigation, advocacy and educational outreach. [More]

Public Policy Institute of California
Research institute with several studies on the effects of immigration in the State of California. [More]

National Employment Law Project
Resources and publications about issues related to low wage immigrant workers. [More]



Day Labor in the Golden State
PPIC study (2007) on the effects of day labor in California. [More]

On the Corner: Day Labor in the United States
National Day Labor Study - based on a survey of 2,660 day laborers. [More]

Building Community: The Components of a Day Labor Worker Center Model
NDLON - A summary of best practices for creating and operating a Day Labor Center. [More]

Worker Centers: Organizing communities at the edge of the dream
Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper by Janice Fine. [More]



NPR’s Talk of the Nation
“The Debate Over Day Laborers,” January 2006 [More]

"Embracing Illegals" BusinessWeek (07/18/05)
Companies market to undocumented immigrant population as a fast-growing consumer base [More]

"Mortified, but happy to hire" Los Angeles Times (12/18/07)
Criticism of Orange, CA's city council ordinances that make it difficult for day laborers to find work [More]

"At tax time, illegal immigrants are paying too" The Associated Press (December 2007)
Illegal immigrants contribute tax revenue to the GDP, Social Security, and Medicare [More]

"Day Labor Dilemma" The Next American City (winter 2007)
Discussion of the current state of day labor and its surrounding issues [More]

"In Defense of Day Laborers" editorial New York Times (winter 2007)
Discussion of the benefits of day labor hiring sites [More]

"Advocates Speak Up for Illegal Day Laborers Cheated of Wages" Washington Post (07/08/08)
Advocacy groups provide legal assistance to day laborers [More]







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